Wednesday, March 16, 2011

After so long away, it was with some surprise that I took a look and saw that the content of this blog is still hanging around in cyberspace. It's been near three years since I last wrote for this blog. Three years is a long time. Obviously.

Just as obviously, things change, people change, life itself changes. Not such a bad thing by the way. Would rather take tremulous steps forward than sideways or, indeed, backwards.

Not that the idea of stepping back (if one could call it that) has not been without some favour in the recent past. Notions of moving back to Australia has been high on the list. Working overseas no longer has the strong appeal it once had as far as financials go, with the US dollar on par with the Aussie, salaries in international schools are now, in most cases, below that of what one would earn back home as an experienced teacher. Sure you get free accommodation, and yes, flights home every year, and free medical... but thats about it. No pension, no super. Plus side: easy access to most places, experience of living in a foreign country, expatriate lifestyle.

So, one really needs to consider carefully what one does as contracts come to a close and decisions need to be made.

We've been near 3 years here in Dubai. I probably should have kept a blog while here but, honestly? there just wasn't much to write about. Here one lives a fairly normal suburban life, long hours at work, time with family, some with friends, a few small trips here and there, but thats about it. I guess the flavours of life one experiences in Indonesia do not appear as readily here. I know that others will find this assertion astonishing, claiming Dubai is the best thing since sliced bread. For many expats, this is indeed true. High salaries, maids, good roads, stable government, low crime, reasonable infrastructure, Friday brunches, all year round sunshine etc. I've certainly enjoyed my time here as its been easy. But, as they say, time for a change.

Come August we take a step further away from Australia, and yet this step seems to be the right one. South East Asia, the Middle East, and now Europe. Should be interesting, hopefully lifestyle, experiences etc will be worth it. I'll let you know.


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